Ocean - You are a Star

This is a new little gem I created spontaneously the other morning, right after waking up in a moment of serenity and peace (means the same thing). I decided to make a little video to it on a sunny day in the park and that turned into two days of editing because I started to get inspired and ended up really enjoying myself and playing around a little bit with my metaphors. If you would like to listen to it on a run, a walk in the park or waiting for your bus on a warm day you can find me & 'You are a Star' on Soundcloud via this link: https://soundcloud.com/oceanandthewav...

Ocean - O

I had four weeks in Copenhagen in-between experiences and whilst trying to be as productive as I could what with seasonal affective disorder and just overall confusion I wrote this song and put together a video for it with footage from my absolute favourite place on earth, Japan, more specifically in this case Nara, a city where deer roam freely.

Ocean - Goodbye New York (Music video)

A music video to "Goodbye New York", first release from my EP, strung together with old clips and footage from my most recent trip to my old home New York.

This is New York through my eyes, eclectic, inspiring, nostalgic, calm within its chaos and most importantly forever a part of me. It truly is my wonderland.

Ocean - Broken girls

An anthem for all my broken sisters. I got your back. I hope you enjoy this little acoustic song plus video of me ripping apart flowers. They were dying so I was just facilitating the decay and easing their pain.

Own up to your darkness - Ocean

Another wave in the form of a symbiosis between my song "Own up to your darkness" and a visual as an interpretation of what it could be.

Ocean - Me through lovers eyes

I am writing to you all from a little cafe in Taiwans district Shilin, where I spent the last couple of days working on this new song and video for you. For those of you who have been around my channel for a while, and like my acoustic music, I promise you will get lots of that when Im back in Europe this summer. Until then I am utterly guitar less and suffering through it, but at least that has forced me into trying to figure out Logic. I hope you like this song and enjoy the video with some of my Japan footage and bits and pieces from the other Asias I've seen.

Ocean - Who needs a man when I have this face

"Who needs a man when I have this face" (literally no one) reflects on self worth and the ego in love. Narcissism and all the beautiful things we learn to live with and embrace. Footage from the mountains of Hong Kong and its Dragon back, filmed among others by Daniel who wants to remain properly unnamed due to publicity issues, and my tripod who has yet to receive a name. I also thank my patient followers and growing subscriber numbers for their constant love and support and for putting up with four minutes of just my face and some pretty nature.