Growing up I was told that I was doing too many things or "spreading myself to thinly". I always had more interests than time, but I was reluctant to chose. I love music, I love film, I love painting, I love writing, in short - expressing myself in any way I can. My brain is always in over-mode, and art keeps me sane. Well, as sane as artists can be. And yes, whenever somebody asks me what I do or who I am I reply "Artist" and cringe as I say it. I feel like a pretentious millennial, too lazy to do anything traditionally useful for our matrix society, but I didn't chose this life, it chose me. Ever since I was little I dreamt of saving the world, and I still consider that my mission, and art seems to be the best way I know how.
I can't do this on my own though, so if you like what I do reach out to me. Lets collaborate. Everybody is an artist in my eyes, everybody is art.
Look around on my website, and see if you discover something you haven't seen before...

My Story

I grew up in a little village in Germany, spending most of my days running around in wet grass and dropping paper boats in forrest rivers. I would make potions in a tree house and read under my bedcovers at night flashlight in hand. I've always had a deep love for nature and animals, an appreciation for magic, and a fascination with the seasons. My family moved me to an island in the mediterranean Spain when I was a tween and I spent my teenager years in a warmer climate discovering the colder and darker sides of life, broken relationships and loneliness. My art started becoming an addiction and necessity, and ultimately I became my art.

At eighteen I moved to New York and studied acting for film and TV. New Yorks anonymous loneliness lead me to confide in art in a way I hadn't explored before. I started writing songs and breathed melodies. I then moved to Berlin, Germany and became a regular at open mics which ultimately lead to my first concert. Now I just got back from a three month trip through the states, working on my first Album and honeymooning with my new found love - making films. This platform is meant to document my artistic journey and hopefully establish a worthy home for my art.